Welp, that was interesting.

One guy from Riverside, who guys by the name of, "Vokillz" auditioned for American Idol when the producers for American Idol were in Buffalo at Canalside late last year. He came out looking like Kane from WWE and started singing, when he calls a new genre he made up: "mystic death trap metal".

It was maybe not the type of music you're into, but don't worry the judges didn't like it that much either.

As for what the judges said? Well, they were hiding during his performance. Both Katy Perry and Lionel Richie were hiding under the judge's desk.

  1. Luke Bryan-no
  2. Lionel Richie-no
  3. Katy Perry-yes (but, she says she said yes because she didn't want to get hurt by him, jokingly)

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