One of the most iconic landmarks in Buffalo has gotten a new name or at least an alias. Niagara Square in Buffalo has been the site of so many historic events including the place Bills fans gather!

I was driving in to work Monday morning and noticed a few new signs that were placed around the square. Niagara Square is now also known as "Bills Mafia Square"!

The banners were still hanging from city hall recently to show support for the Buffalo Bills. Even after the NFL season has wrapped up, Bills fans are still hyped about the season the Buffalo Bills just had. Yes, there is still much to do for the Buffalo Bills to make it to Super Bowl LVI, but after this past season, things are looking good for Josh Allen and company.

As a matter of fact, the sidewalks and streets around Bills Mafia Square have been given a few new names as well!

It was good to see the new signs hanging around Niagara Square on the Monday after Tom Brady won another Super Bowl. However, it was also nice to see the Chiefs get beat after they stopped the Bills run for the Super Bowl.

Niagara Square was the site that the Buffalo Bills used to greet the fans following the loss min the Super Bowl 25. I can still remember seeing Scott Norwood at the microphone and wondering if we would ever see them in the big game again? Turns our, we would, three more times! It may be a few months until the preseason begins, but after seeing the signs Monday, I am as exited as ever for what the future holds for the Buffalo Bills.

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