You might be thinking you're going to see another inappropriate interaction between the police and a young black girl named Nevaea Brown.  Well, this video will not disappoint you if you aren't thinking along those lines.   This video, which appears on the WIVB website, has gone viral and in my opinion, should be used as a training video for police officers.

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Nevaea Brown's mom, D’Andra Brown, recorded the interaction between Niagara Falls Police Officer Janine Kloetzer and her daughter Nevaea not knowing the video would go viral around the world.

D'Andra Brown, Nevaea's Mom explains why she recorded her daughter's interaction with Officer Kloetzer, according to the WIVB News report: the video

That was the reason I recorded it because right before that she was afraid, she was asking me about the protests and the police so I just felt that was perfect timing for her to explain because what better than for it to come from the police.

According to the WIVB News report, Officer Kloetzer is a mom of three herself and is reported in the WIVB news article as saying she hopes her interaction with Nevaea leaves a lasting impression on her.  D'Andra Brown is assured it will and said this:

“We need to see that glimmer of hope and I felt that she like portrayed that for all of the other good cops out there that really don’t like what’s going on, she represented them.”

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