Marsha Mc Wilson is lives in Niagra Falls, but she is very well known all over Western New York and even in different parts of the world. I have had the pleasure of working with her on several occasions at many different events where she as served as a host of the event and the featured entertainer. Marsha's son Cameron is also a singer, songwriter, and producer. Sometimes they tag team together on events, and it is a great show to see.

Why Did Marsha Write This Song?

According to, Marsha Mc Wilson has lost loved ones to this horrible virus, COVID-19 is the blame for seven people close to her in the last three months, she has lost a few cousins and her niece Kimberly and Sister Vanessa. Marsha has survived her own bouts with COVID-19, but her husband is still dealing with health effects.

Why Did Marsha Choose This Title For The Song?

The title of the song is called "Rona Mae Blues" this is a perfectly fitting title in my opinion because it talks about Marsha's personal struggles with the virus in a way that everyone that may have had the virus or lost a loved one to the virus can relate to.

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Marsha Mc Wilson is very well known for doing her versions of the legendary Etta James, and she always knows how to light any room that she steps into. You can check out "Rona Mae Blues" and other songs of hers on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify or at

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