Niagara Falls Mayor Robert Restaino, the Niagara Falls Police Superintendent Tom Licata, Acting Niagara County Sheriff Mike Filicetti, and the Peacemakers of Niagara Falls all took a knee with peaceful protesters in front of the city's public safety building on Main Street yesterday (according to the Niagara Falls Gazette) and it was all prompted by Niagara Falls residents who gathered to protest....they invited the fore-mentioned authorities to join together with them in solidarity and those mentioned responded positively. There was no tear gas, bottle-throwing, rubber bullets, burned down businesses, or violence of any sort as is being witnessed throughout many places in the U.S.

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I live in Niagara Falls and feel so safe and am so proud of the citizens here for their immaturity and true effort in fighting against unfair treatment of people, and especially black people.  The Niagara Falls Police Department deserves much recognition for their day to day operations such that they do not do any racial profiling.  The Niagara Falls Police are fair in that if you are doing a crime you will be met by the Niagara Falls Police....but you have to be doing something WRONG... The atmosphere in Niagara Falls is not such that there's a feeling of the Police Officers being racist at all.  It's so refreshing.

As I sat and watched all the chaos around the United States and in neighboring Buffalo and Rochester, all I could think of is the fact that I live in Niagara Falls, NY and I know I'm safely removed from the foolishness taking place with respect to looting and destruction those places.

Watch as Niagara Falls residents line up to shake Police OIfficer's hands while you


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