NFTA is changing its COVID-19. rider protocol in an effort to help prevent any additional spread of the coronavirus.

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Erie County legislator April Baskin has been pushing for changes and now NFTA and the legislator have come to terms with some changes.

According to WGRZ News, these are the policy changes as of now:

  • Each bus will be limited to a maximum of 15 passengers per bus
  • Additional routes will be added to accommodate the new 15 passenger only rule

Other protocol directives are still in place including passengers using the back door only, passengers practicing 6 feet Social Distancing, and the free fare policy is still in effcfwvaccording to the WGRZ news story.

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The WGRZ report quotes Erie County Legislator April as saying:

“I’m thankful for the protections provided for drivers. Their safety and health is crucial to a functional transportation system during this worldwide health crisis. We also have to take similar measures for the riders who rely on public transportation as a means to survive. Their patronage to the NFTA system prior to the COVID-19 free fare policy and their health is equally a priority.”

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