If you've been following this ordeal, you're familiar with there being a new Walmart store opening ion Cheektowaga with no specific NFTA Bus Service going DIRECTLY to the store. Instead the drop offs for patrons of this new Walmart are currently designated to be across a seven lane Walden Avenue or on the same side of the street as the new Walmart about 100 yards away. Both are being deemed "UNACCEPTABLE" by some community leaders and city officials!

Among those voicing their concerns...LOUDLY...are Council President Ellicott District Common Council Member/Pastor Darius Pridgen!

Pastor Pridgen wrote and spoke with Walmart executives directly communicating his displeasure regarding the current designated drop offs for NFTA Buses in relation to the New Walmart.

His concerns are relative to the 1995 tragic and fatal accident involving 19-year-old Cynthia Wiggins as she was run over by a dump truck while crossing over the same seven lane Walden Avenue as attempted to get to work at Galleria Mall.

Galleria Mall had the same policy in place initially such that there was NO BUS SERVICE going into the mall directly, forcing patrons and works who rode the bus to have to cross the bust highway.

I spoke with Pastor Pridgen regarding his communication with the Walmart Executives who have agreed to re-consider their decision.


NY State Senator Tim Kennedy also Voiced his dissatisfaction with Walmart's decision:

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