In a stunning yet expected move, recently elected Governor Matt Bevin of Kentucky has begin to unravel changes made in the state by the previous Governor.

In a series of Executive Orders issued by Bevin this week, the following changes are now law in Kentucky:

* The minimum wage for State Government workers and contractors has been reduced from $10.10/hr to the Federal minimum of $7.25.

* Non-violent felons who have completed their sentences have had their rights to vote (or serve on a jury, or hold elected office, or obtain a professional/vocational license) revoked. This could affect as many as 140,000 Kentuckians.

* All government hiring has been frozen because of “severe financial challenges” the state is experiencing.

* County Clerk and County names have been eliminated from Marriage Certificates.

It also appears other changes are in the works in Kentucky. If you ever needed an example of why voting is important - I think this qualifies as a good one…

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