Buffalo is always getting credit for the Best Wings, Pizza, Beef On Weck, and (according to New Yorker Magazine, now The Garbage Plate.  Wait a minute!  I'm from Rochester, NY and those are fighting words.  Buffalo getting credit for The Garbage Plate is like Russia being best known for having the 1st Black President.  Can you even find a Garbage Plate in Buffalo?  I'm quite sure the answer is YES...SOMEWHERE...but not as confident a YESSS to that question coming from a Rochesterian.  The New Yorker Magazine author of the article missed the mark on this one...never once mentioning Rochester in association with the Garbage Plate.  SAD.

The Garbage Plate is a staple in Rochester, NY, made famous by Nick Tahoe and on any given late weekend night in Rochester, you could find yourself standing in line at 3am until the sun comes up waiting to place your order (I might be over-exaggerating by a just a couple of minutes) The Garbage Plate consists of (from memory) Mac Salad, Loads of Onions, Baked Beans, Home Fries, 2 Cheeseburgers or 2 Hot Dogs, and a Deliciously Greasy Meat Sauce all piled atop one another on one plate.

Maybe the New Yorker Magazine articles author was think April Fools when writing the article ands attributing the Garbage Plate to Buffalo.

Nevertheless, here's the REAL DEAL:


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