We are less than two weeks away from Mother's Day, and a recent study attempted to determine each state's favorite Mother's day brunch item. New York's is just weird in my opinion. Is this really what moms in the Hudson Valley want for Mother's Day?

Mother's Day is one of those days throughout the year that usually consists of having brunch. Now, not all brunches are created equal, as moms require different brunch items in each state. Zippia did the dirty work and compared all the brunch items across the states, and the results were interesting.

It seems that 21 states' favorite item at brunch on Mother's Day is a meat choice. 13 states had sausage, while eight others had bacon. Four states had chicken and waffles, while New Hampshire only wanted the waffles. Idaho, Maine, Vermont, and Wisconsin moms chose to start Mother's Day with alcohol landing with bloody marys and mimosas.

Bacon, sausage, chicken, and waffles, pancakes, they all seem pretty normal for brunch. You would think that New York would follow suit and our favorite would be something awesome like bacon or alcohol. NOPE! Apparently, New York moms want oatmeal for brunch on Mother's Day. Oatmeal, really? The last time I checked, I thought moms didn't want to be associated with something lumpy, but maybe that's just my opinion.

So, according to this study, New York was the only state to favor oatmeal. We couldn't even get quiche or something. What do you think the favorite brunch item for Mother's Day should be for Hudson Valley moms?


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