They say lightning doesn't strike twice. Unfortunately, it did for one New York man who decided to take a snooze in front of his apartment building early one morning. Getting robbed once is bad enough. But twice, both in the same night? Now, police are investigating the matter as to who robbed this very sound sleeper on the city sidewalk.

Fox says the incident(s) happened early morning July 2, when a man fell asleep in front of his building in Bedford-Stuyvesant. Police say another man soon approached him and made off with the sleeping man's messenger bag that had his laptop in it. But it didn't end there. Soon after, another man approached the snoozer and stole his phone and wallet. Fox says that the second suspect used his card to make an unauthorized purchase shortly after.

It is uncertain at this time why the victim decided to take a siesta outside of his home, rather than in the comfort of his own bed. Perhaps he had too much to drink? A sudden bout of narcolepsy? Maybe he just took an impromptu camping excursion? Still, the NYPD is looking for answers. Anyone know of a person who was robbed in their sleep?

The past couple of weeks have been quite active for bizarre crime stories in New York. What else is new? Police say a bitter dispute between a woman in New York and a hotel-turned-shelter came to a head when the woman drove her car straight through the hotel lobby. ABC says the incident happened Monday night in the Bronx at the Ramada, when the woman and the vehicle came crashing through the front of the hotel, almost reaching as far back as one of the elevators. The NY Daily News describes the encounter as "crazed". The Daily News also goes on to say that the woman allegedly punched a manager in the face during the argument, before running off by foot.

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