As local leaders and members of the community try everything in their power to come up with ways to end the violence in our city, ideas keep pouring in. With all of the tragic acts everyone has been dealing with lately, the one positive thing to come out of it, is people actually working together for one common goal. That goal is to save our children. I know in Buffalo, one of the things many parents and community activists against violence always talk about is early prevention. Getting to the young men and women in our community before they turn to the streets is a key component in keeping them off the streets.

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According to WIVB Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced three key things that will help keep the youth out of trouble and catch them before they enter "the system". The first thing that will be put into place is employment, if you know someone ages 15 to 24, there will be a dedicated program put in place to get these individuals employed. The jobs will be trade skilled jobs that will give them the skills needed for permanent employment.

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The second thing is community-based mental health services and a family crisis center where people can come for help. Lastly, more violence intervention measures. I can definitely appreciate the efforts that are taking place throughout the city and all across the state. I know that many of the parents that I speak to have had serious concerns about what's going on in the city.

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