Gas prices may be up, but that’s not the only thing in high demand recently. 

The baby formula shortage is getting out of control in New York. 

Over the last 3 weeks that we have been experiencing this shortage, some stores have implemented a purchase limit to only two containers per customer. However, there are many stores in Western New York who are running low on supply, so when people stop in to purchase baby formula, they are greeted by bare shelves.

Nick Turner has been a clerk at a supermarket in Upstate New York for the last 21 years, and he posted on Facebook: “There is a shortage of baby formula big time at my store.”

Turner went on to say that the formula is up front in his department at the supermarket, but it is in a case that has to be unlocked by an employee in order to access it. 

“A lot of it is out of stock,” Turner said.

Baby formula used to come via trucks overnight for stock purposes, and now they are lucky if the trucks are carrying it, because the rate at which formula was being delivered to the store has significantly slowed over the few weeks. 

New York parents have attempted to make baby formula at home, but doctors have strongly discouraged that.

Doctors have warned that at-home baby formula creations can pose health risks to your baby.

The baby formulas have been designed to replicate breast milk as closely as possible, with the nutrients, protein, etc, so attempting to mimic this could cause a loss of those very important nutrients and protein that are crucial to a baby’s development.

People have also tried to water down the current baby formula they have, which can adjust the nutrient-levels as well, which is not good for your baby, either.
It makes you wonder if there is any acceptable alternative if you cannot find formula? Because a lot of people are struggling to find any.

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