New York State is moving forward with the plan to cover a section of New York State Route 33 which runs through the remnants of Buffalo's Humboldt Parkway. The plan, which is being funded using State and Federal funds, would make some significant changes to the nearly 70-year-old expressway that traverses several city neighborhoods before it ends in Downtown Buffalo.

Because of the scope of this project, state officials have spent a lot of time gathering comments and suggestions from members of the community to make sure that the will of the people is considered in making decisions. State officials have already received hundreds of comments over the last year, but they are still seeking additional input and suggestions.

What Is The Kensington Expressway Project?

In the late 1950s, New York State began construction of the Kensington Expressway which caused the removal of the Frederick Law Olmsted-designed Humboldt Parkway. That construction project removed what Law Olmsted called the widest and grandest street in all of Buffalo and replaced it with a below-grade 6-lane highway that forever changed the face of the city. The construction of the highway also decimated several neighborhoods throughout the central city, along with displacing an untold number of families and businesses.

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This new project looks to help reconnect the neighborhoods that were separated when the Kensington Expressway separated them and restore part of Humboldt Parkway, from Sidney Street in the north to Dodge Street in the south.

The State Department of Transportation Wants To Know How You Feel About This

State DOT officials are still seeking comments about the project. If you have an opinion or suggestion about what should be done, you can click here to send them the comments online. You can also e-mail them, or download a comment form and mail it to them via US Mail.

Kensington Project Concepts

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