Drivers could see a 20 percent reduction in the speed limit in New York City. A new law is set to be put in place that could significantly lower the speed limit.

Photo by Peter Muniz on Unsplash
Photo by Peter Muniz on Unsplash

Under "Sammys Law" the City could soon lower its speed limit from 25 miles per hour to 25 miles per hour. The law is inspired by a 12-year-old boy named Sammy Cohen Eckstein who was hit and killed by a vehicle in Prospect Park, Brooklyn in October 2013. The bill in Sammys name, S2422A/A7266,

"Relates to establishing speed limits in cities with populations in excess of one million people by easing restrictions so cities can establish speed limits below twenty miles per hour."

The bill is currently with both houses of the New York State legislature. However, there is a version of the bill in the New York State budget. Assembly woman Linda B. Rosenthal confirmed via X,

"Saving lives is what #SammysLaw is all about. As the Assembly sponsor, I am proud that the NY State budget of 2024 enshrines his legacy and that of countless others killed in car crashes by creating safer streets citywide. #SafeStreetsNow"

While the 2024/2025 Executive Budget doesnt specifically include Sammy or actually lower the speed limit, it does give boroughs in NYC the ability to lower their speed limits without having to go through the state legislature. Listed under "Additional DMV-related Budget actions," the budget says,

"Allow NYC to Lower Its Speed Limit. The Executive Budget also includes legislation to give NYC the authority to adjust its speed limits to account for the dangers of fast driving in urban environments. This will allow NYC to designate speed limits of no less than 20 MPH, and as low as 10 MPH in school zones and areas where traffic calming measures exist."

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