Governor Kathy Hochul signed legislation that changes voting laws in New York State. Governor Hochul signed legislation S.2951A/A.8858A, which gives voters more time to register and vote ahead of an election.

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Now, as long as the board of elections has received a person's registration 10 days prior to the election, they can vote. Previously, the law required voter registration to be submitted 25 days prior to the election. Gov. Hochul said,

Too often, there are unnecessary obstacles for voters to pass through just to participate in the democratic process. By removing these hurdles, more New Yorkers can bring their representation to the ballot box. By shortening this time period, more New Yorkers can be flexible with their voter registration and exercise their right to vote.

The New York State Constitution actually says that voters must register 10 days prior to the election, but current law extends that deadline, creating an unnecessary roadblock to voting.

New York's current election law unnecessarily extends this minimum deadline, requiring that voter registration forms be submitted in person at least twenty-five days prior to an election or postmarked at least twenty-five days in advance and received by the board of elections by 20 days prior to an election. This shrinks by more than two weeks the amount of time that eligible New Yorkers have to submit their registration forms and make their voices heard in an election.

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In order to vote in New York State, a person must:

- Be a U.S. citizen
- Be 18 years old
- Be a resident of New York State and the county, city or village at least 30 days prior to the election
- Not be currently in prison for a felony conviction
- Not be mentally incompetent as determined by a court
- Not registered to vote somewhere else.

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