Ten shots, four people were murdered and it only took about 17 seconds.

Credit: WIVB

WIVB has released unseen video from the tragic night at City Grill. Almost ten years, four people lost their lives, at the hands of Ricardo McCray. On August 14, 2010 a melee at City Grill on Main Street ended with four people being murdered, according to Channel 4. Eight people were shot, of which four died that night. A fifth victim died 7 years later.

McCray killed four people that night, over spilled champagne. Two victims who died that night were shot at point-blank range, the other two were killed by McCray's spray of bullets. A 10-day manhunt for McCray ensued.

"Great sense of relief, since there was this feeling of almost two weeks of pins and needles and people concerned, people worried, people worried for their safety, wondering the great unknown, where could this guy be, where could he strike next. Knowing that he was about to be in custody, it was a great relief for all involved and the entire city.”" ~ Buffalo Chief of Detectives Dennis Richards

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