I browse my 'Friends'' Facebook pages constantly for content and things to Blog about and I came across a video I just have to share with you.

Many times people feel as though exposing ANY video or post is a means of PROMOTING that particular item... I disagree, as the purpose of this Blog IS exposure... but just NOT in a positive light.

With the release of a PHENOMENAL CD by Kendrick Lamar called "To Pimp A Butterfly", which is riddled throughout with positive, "Socially Conscious Material"... Hip-Hop Artists are CHALLENGED to Step Up their game ... something the following Artists has MISSED COMPLETELY.

The NEWS that Suge Knight had been arrested and is now behind bars was and is GREAT NEWS... in my opinion... as it is my contention that HE (almost Single-Handedly) caused the demise of Rap Music by promoting & presenting The Art in a manner such that it's all about Killing, Sexing, and Degrading Women...

Well, here's an UNFORTUNATE example of the "PLAYED OUT" direction Rap Music has traveled with an appeal to the quickly dying FILTH RAP REGIME which has placed a negative IMGAGE on Hip-Hip / Rap.

This video is a PRIME EXAMPLE of where Hip-Hop / Rap needs to turn away from in favor of a MORE REPRESENTATIVE POSITIVE MESSAGE APPEAL as it applies to the TRUE Hip-Hop Culture.

Also... everyone has his / her right to OPINION and should not be intimidated based upon what they believe ... as this video attempts to do. So whether the intended MESSAGE in the following video is REAL or just a Marketing Ploy... either way (regarding this video) ... It's UNFORTUNATE, UN-NECESSARY, & PUTS A DAMPER ON A PHENOMENAL ART FORM which is slowly being REFORMED to weed out FOOLISHNESS like this!!!!!!  ...

...and that's MY OPINION!!!!


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