Every Buffalo Bills fan has long anticipated the news in regards to a new football stadium, but when the plans for an upgrade were finally approved, a handful of people in Western New York questioned if the new stadium was really worth it. 

The main reason? Because it’s smaller.

Every Bills fan that I have heard voice a complaint about the new stadium has mentioned that one of the reasons is because of the reduction in seating capacity.

And while the new stadium will be smaller when it comes to available seats, let’s not get carried away with just how small the stadium will be.

One person on Reddit suggested that the new stadium would be so big that it could now fill the city potholes…ha!


That made me laugh, so I had to share, but let’s move on to the facts and what we know so far.

The Buffalo Bills official website posted a transcript to a conversation between One Bills Live host Chris Brown and the PSE executive Ron Raccula to discuss the frequently asked questions involving the New Bills Stadium project.

One of those questions was:

How will the capacity of the new stadium compare to Highmark Stadium?

Ron Raccula said:

“Most every new stadium that’s been built, not just in football, but throughout all of sports has had reduced capacity. The reason for reduced capacity is to create a better in-venue experience.”

Ron Raccula detailed that “better in-venue experience” with dreams of bigger seats, larger concourses, and more “intimacy,” as he called it. 

“All those things are critical for a new stadium,” Raccula said. “And to do that, capacity does go down.”

Raccula also noted that he, and the rest of the leaders in regards to the project, have taken the time to check in with what Buffalo Bills fans want. Mafia members have said, according to Raccula on the Buffalo Bills website, that they would want “more temperature-controlled spaces, more variety of food and beverage, more gathering spaces where they can congregate together.” 

These reasons are why the Bills are choosing to build a bigger facility with a lower capacity in the number of seats. 

As of now, we do not know the actual seating capacity of the anticipated Bills stadium, but we will update you as soon as the news becomes available to us.

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