Televised Talent Competitions like American Idol and the X Factor  attract the best of the best, but for whatever reason, those singers don't always win first place on the show.

        Look at Jennifer Hudson, she was a finalist on American Idol and ended up with a Oscar and a Grammy and she continues to shine in the national spotlight, despite losing the show.  Another example is LA Reid's new artist Marcus Canty, who was a finalist on the X-Factor...

Marcus Canty is a new artist on WBLK with his Single "Won't Make a Fool Outta You" which will appear alongside Jennifer Hudson on the "Think Like A Man" Soundtrack.  He's also working on hia own debut LP to be released on Epic Records.

He may have finished in fourth place on "The X Factor," but Marcus Canty should definitely consider himself a winner. Earlier this year, the R&B singer signed a deal with mentor L.A. Reid at Epic Records, along with fellow contestants Chris Rene and Astro.

Check out his fun-loving personality and what he says about working with L.A. Reid

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"L.A Reid has been such a great mentor. He's loved the records that I've cut so far — he's enjoying it," Canty said. "He just wants me to continue to be myself. I just like to have fun. I want to make good music — I want to be somebody. He always tells me, 'Don't let anyone take away your joy.' That's what will carry me for a long time." -Marcus Canty

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