Listen We know Drake is passionate about Toronto more importantly is passion for the Raptors is beyond matched with any super fan drake. If you been following the Eastern Conference Finals you probably seen drake... being drake lol Well Check it below :

ANNNDDD this lol

After That Adam Silver The NBA Commissioner had to Step in.
In an interview, Adam Silver explained how he personally spoke to Drake and though he’s appreciative of Drake’s enthusiasm there are certain boundaries he can’t cross while he’s on the sideline. He went on to say:

“I think Drake understands as excited as he is and as appreciative we are of his support that there’s got to be lines drawn. Obviously, you don’t want to end up touching a coach because a coach may not realize what’s going on in the middle of the action.”

He also added:

“He has the official designation ‘ambassador’ … and he’s a global star, so it’s a huge deal that he’s so engaged with the team and loves the NBA so much. But, obviously, there’s some lines that even ambassadors shouldn’t cross.”

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