With a heightened awareness focused on social and racial justice, Buffalo Public Schools are one of three districts adding a Black History and Black Lives Matter subject to their curriculum.

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This doesn't come without controversy, According to WGRZ, Fox News commentator Carlson Tucker recently spoke about the district's lesson plans and, called it "an attack on attack on the American nuclear family".

According to WGRZ, BPS Associate Superintendent Doctor Fatima Morrell said,

We have this opportunity, so to speak, of raising these stories from multiple perspectives that gives it a different lens and understanding of the curriculum that has been denied, not only to black children but to white children as well.

According to WGRZ, the curriculum has already started in the Buffalo schools with remote learning. Now that Fox News has picked it up, it has been gaining more interest. Doctor Fatima Morrell also said, according to WGRZ,

The lesson is not an attack on the American nuclear family at all, but we know that there are all kinds of families in our district, in our nation, in our world, and so we do also want to recognize, that there are many different ways to look at family structure.

I often speak to my children about Black lives Matter and race in the United States, and sometimes the conversation can be difficult, in my opinion, this curriculum can help students in the Buffalo Public School system.

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