The Buffalo Public Schools has announced that it has implemented a Black Lives Matter curriculum which is trending across the U.S., according to Spectrum News.  The initiative to include a Black Lives Matter curriculum began 4 years ago during the Black Lives Matter 'Week of Action and National Demands' according to Spectrum News.

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Buffalo Publis Schools Associate Superintendent of Culturally & Linguistically Responsive Initiatives, Dr. Fatima Morrell explained to Spectrum News that the lessons are meant to be inclusive of all students regardless of Race which will better enhance race relations among students.

"These are good concepts of principles and content for all children, the Black Lives Matter in schools curriculum and not just that we are singling out students saying this is only for Black children," said Dr. Fatima Morrell. "We know and understand that we do a disservice to white children when we do not teach them the history and culture of people of color and the children who are sitting right next to them."

Here are the Guiding Principles taught:

  • Empathy
  • Sympathy
  • Restorative Justice

The entire 'Black Lives Matter' Curriculum can be seen by clicking the link below:

Below is a link to the 2020 Black Lives Matter Resource Curriculum Guide as well:


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