There still probably remains an overall misunderstanding regarding HIV and AIDS.  Although there's been a widespread initiative to educate everyone about HIV / AIDS, there are still some myths that are associated with the virus / disease (HIV being the Virus that can develop into AIDS, which is the full blown disease.

The importance of getting checked for HIV is very vital and important so that you never develop the disease known as AIDS.  The procedure takes about 20 minutes tops and testing / screening locations are vast (click the link below).

The stigma attached to having HIV / AIDS is no longer one of FEAR...rather people are far more compassionate and interactive with persons who are HIV Positive.  HIV is not a's a virus that can lead to AIDS and today is a day set aside to address how HIV / AIDS impacts the African-American Community and why you should get tested.

The latest publication of The Challenger News has an article (Page 4 of the February 7 Publication) entitled "The Face of HIV in Black America is Far Too Young" and talks about HIV / AIDS impact on the youth..a very important issue.

I had the privilege of interview the newly appointed "HIV Coordinator" @ The Community Health Center of Buffalo, Shawna Showers.

Here's a short video that SHOULD motivate you to get checked...TODAY!

If you have questions or concerns about HIV / AIDS you can (CONFIDENTIALLY) contact Shawna Showers, who is the  HIV Coordinator"
Community Health Center of Buffalo, Inc. (CLICK THE LINK BELOW)


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