Based on what I've learned this week, after interviewing Odochi Uwazurike and Dr. Lynda Beaupin from Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, I realize that cancer is not exclusive to young children and older adults.  I'm not sure what experiences have been regarding cancer, however mine are admittedly limited to hearing or reading about it.  So I'm probably one of many who haven't been directly affected by cancer or have a close friend or family member who has or had cancer.

Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer is relevant to persons aged 15-39, which, as I stated earlier, is not the age range within which people think....CANCER.  Unfortunately, Cancer has no boundaries when it comes to age, and this Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer age range not only has it's share of victims, but is also the age category that has the poorest survival rate...and that within itself legitimately warrants the importance of a week of awareness such that people are made aware of the risks, so people who fall into this age group category are more aware of the symptoms and  importance of checking and paying attention to the signs which may identify that someone is suffering from cancer.

members of the Roswell Comprehensive Cancer Center Staff, Odochi Uwazurike and Dr. Lynda Beaupin, who explained the challenges and options Adolescents and Young Adults have when it comes to cancer and it's symptoms, treatment plans, and support efforts relative to Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.


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