Ladies I know you like to look good all the time but listen if you don't have the money to pay, its okay, just go natural, get some press ons or something lol.

Unfortunately, one woman learned this the hard way after she didn’t pay her bill at Unique Nails.

According to Charlotte Observer, Angela Henly, 54, got in her car and an employee stood at the back of the vehicle trying to prevent sis from leaving. The employee will probably think twice before doing this again, because Angela ended up driving off with the employee hanging on for dear life on the back of the car.

In the video, the employee walks around the driver’s side before walking back to the bumper of the car. Another woman in a grey shirt followed the employee while talking on the phone.

The woman on the phone tried to get the employee to back away, yelling, “she’s drunk driving.”

What’s crazy about this story is that the salon employee’s daughter told WWBJ that the driver actually paid her bill, but the passenger in the car didn’t.

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