A Hudson Valley business' beloved mascot went missing this weekend, but now that he's back his owners are left with more questions than answers.

Craft Draft on the Newburgh Waterfront is a beer lover's paradise. This beer shop and cafe has gained a loyal following from customers who appreciate their menu of some of the best New York State craft beers and eclectic sandwich selections (pickles and peanut butter anyone?).

Customers who've been to Craft Draft will immediately recognize their mascot, a large plastic skeleton that always welcomes beer drinkers with a smile. According to the owners, the skeleton has been a part of the Craft Draft family since the business opened.

Tragedy struck this past Sunday morning when the Craft Draft crew were shocked to discover that their beloved skeleton had gone missing. After posting an announcement on their Facebook page seeking help finding him, the owners say there was an outpouring of love and support from patrons wishing him a speedy return.

The Craft Draft team feared for the worse, and when one of their Instagram followers suspiciously suggested they offer up a reward of free beer for his return they wondered if he was actually being held for ransom. After refusing to pay up, that follower quickly denied having him and the trail once again went cold.

Just when all hope was lost, there was a break in the case on Monday when the skeleton was discovered hanging out just a block away from Craft Draft. It's unclear how he got there, but the owners are overjoyed to have him back. The events surrounding the skeleton's disappearance remain a mystery, but management assumes he just "had a few too many and wandered off."

Craft Draft
Craft Draft

This isn't the first time the skeleton has gone missing and Craft Draft suspects it won't be the last. But they say they're just thankful that their "buddy" has continued to find his way back home.

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