For those of you looking for a new charity to waste your money on I may have stumbled upon something beneficial for yourself and those in need. The UNICEF Tap Project, which previously worked with New York City restaurants to have their patrons donate $1 for the usually free tap water, is now teaming up with celebrities such as Rihanna in a similar campaign. All the proceeds go to providing clean water for children around the world.

    That sounds like a good enough cause right? But here’s the best part, the newest edition to this campaign is the Celebrity Tap Project. A Five dollar donation to UNICEF gives you the chance to win the celebrity tap pack. This includes customized bottles filled with your favorite celebrity’s water taken straight from their faucet. How exciting is that incentive? A chance to win free water!

    What happen to the days of standing in front of a store ringing a bell for donations? I’d be more willing to give my hard earned money to those people and not into some wishing well for tap water. What do you do with the water, drink it or save it? Is it really Rihanna’s water? Those of you who are intrigued by other people’s unfiltered water that will taste just as horrible as yours I’ve included the link to the site and if you’re the lucky winner make sure you let us know how it taste, (if you are not gagging).

WBLK Intern Terri Polk contributed to this article.