My son just recently got his driver's license, I decided to ride with him as he drove himself to work. He made a couple of driving mistakes that you would expect a new driver to make, but while driving with him, I noticed a few things that really drive me nuts, while driving in Buffalo. No pun intended.

The first I noticed today is drivers oftentimes when approaching a stop sign at an intersection, almost always drive past the lines before the stop sign, scaring the mess out of anyone that is passing the stop sign in the opposite direction. One time, a driver passed over the line so fast and so far that it almost caused me to swerve into the other lane, nearly hitting another car.

My number two pet peeve is when a person stops in the middle of the street and holds up traffic, only to talk to someone they know. I'll be even more specific, this always happens to me when I'm driving down bailey ave, on the east side of Buffalo.

Another problem I have when driving in our wonderful city is some of the potholes in our city streets, have you ever been driving with a fresh hot coffee, then pull out the driveway only to hit a big pothole? that is a very big problem for me.

I'm sure that roundabouts are in other cities as well but the one thing that I noticed here is that many drivers don't know how to drive in them. I always see people just blow right through the yield sign, or drive far to slow the in the circle. I think we should go back to stoplights at all intersections.

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