I remember one day years ago me an Super Star Buck was in my studio in Central Park and it had to be like 100 degrees in the studio but we were dedicated to chasing our dream that the heat didn't stop us. And I remember him recording on the into of one of his songs he said "It Always Gets Greater later" now at the time it was just a song but those words would soon be both of our futures because now hes becoming a house hold name in the industry as he climbs the latter to success through hard work and I am in the best position I have ever been  in this industry. Who would have thought that those words "It Always Gets Greater later" would actually come true. He has recently dropped one of the most critically acclaimed mixtapes our region has ever heard and also just released the latest video "Look At Me Now" off of his "The Wait Is Over" Mixtape Hosted By 93.7FM WBLK's @DJBandanaBlack. This video and song is one of my favorites because I definitely can relate to the subject matter of it. Make sure you check it out and share with your fiends , Buffalo its our time !!!.


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