(This is my personal "Move Review" opinion regarding the Movie, "GET OUT"!)

The ACTING WAS GREAT!!!!.... However :( (no one was clapping at the end of this "thriller")

Here's an example of a Movie Trailer that's entirely captivating to the extent it creates a "MUST SEE" attitude ...but leads you right into a VERY DISAPPOINTING MOVIE where you wish you had Gotten Out before you got in (well at least I felt that way).

I don't think it's fair for Movie Companies to produce MOVIE TRAILERS that have you on the edge of your seat...and then you go to the movie and the movie also has you on the edge of your seat...but not because it's good...but because YOU'RE READY TO "GET OUT"!!!!!!! With that said...I'm here to WARN YOU...if you wanna see a movie with a  Lady stirring freaking coffee and watching 4 or 5 Hypnotized Black Folks ... then knock yourself out for 2 hrs and go see "GET OUT" ...or take my advice...and "GET OUT" of that movie before you get in!




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