I have to tell you...This entire "film" fiasco, surrounding the controversial movie "Innocence of Muslim",  is seeming more and more controversial; however it's more and more confusing (to me) than anything else.

Aside from the movie itself reportedly angering 30 countries, I went to YouTube to Blog about it and make it available for you to see and I was angered because I didn't know which movie was "THE" movie.  There are multiple versions of "Innocence of Muslim" on YouTube!!! I had to search for about 30 min or more and finally found what I believe to be the Official Movie.

Well here's my opinion regarding what I saw of the movie, which I haven't finished yet....  Imagine a film created by Muslims depicting Christ having sex with Mary Madeleine before or after she washed his feet, and a movie where Christ is depicted as a murderous leader.  Christians would be up in arms!...(accept for those who start quoting Scripture about judging someone...that's another story within itself). Muslims are FAR FAR FAR FAR (I could keep going forever) more passionate about "GOD" than Christians are...and they take offense to the EXTREME when it comes to "GOD" (their God) (my opinion).

Well, WATCH THE MOVIE HERE and tell us what you think!