They took the world by storm, and invaded every corner store, grocery store, and bodega in Western New York.  In addition to the ones listed in that link, check out how many more places to find fidget spinners in Buffalo that you shared on Facebook:


It won't be long before your kids are bored with the ones they have now...the ones they BEGGED you for, BARGAINED for, NEGOTIATED for (anyone getting extra dishes done in exchange for a light-up one?).  Get ready to open your wallet (and negotiation skills) again.

Enter: the next generation of fidget spinners.

First up, mini rollers.  They're basically a tiny, oblong rolling pin that can be rolled, flipped, and twirled.  "The Jammer" even comes with a handy carrying case...

Then there's the MAGNETIC fidget spinner, which, honestly, may be joining MY spinner (and cube) that I already have in my purse.  Its the kind of thing you just might not be able to put down.

And OH GOSH here's FIVE MORE!!!!

By the way, they're not all fun and games....a 10 year old girl in Houston had to have emergency surgery last weekend after she put her fidget spinner in her mouth to clean it, and swallowed one of the bearings.  It got stuck in her esophagus, but thankfully the doctors were able to get it out and she's ok.

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