Monday’s were always hard after going through a weekend of heartbreak.

Monday’s were always hard when the results you were hoping for didn’t come into fruition.

Monday’s were always hard when the job you are walking into isn’t even close to your passion.

Monday were always hard when the mind is routine, but the heart just wants more out of you.


The typical Monday muse can become redundant when the routine isn’t one you look forward too, but when you're on a mission to get to your destination there are usually different levels of focus that must be applied. Often times you may be passive as to the pursuit of success because you are young and feel as though you have time so it doesn't really matter. Well that is where you are wrong because as humans we are all blessed with a unique gift. This moment may be your time to maximize on your gift and truly make it happen for yourself. As you journey along your route to success you will encounter some personal struggles, often times those struggles may be friends who may not understand why you go so hard, family that do not see the vision, financial difficulties that often times occur that may hinder you, but that doesn't mean you stop. Great people do great things when greatness is all they know. Through every TRIAL there is a TRIUMPH, but that is a mindset that you must work on day in a day out in order for that MINDSET to turn into CHARACTER. So you woke up feeling like you are not going as hard as you should be? Well if you have to question yourself maybe you are not but this is the tricky part. When we start questioning ourselves, and our work ethic we tend to move with FRUSTRATION because we are racing ourselves. In order to be AFFECTIVE out there and you must be EFFECTIVE with yourself and your time. So my advice to you is to pace yourself and grind smarter. See what is that is pulling you back or what is scaring you to think the way you are thinking and make sure you sweep those corners before the pursuit of abundance because for any corner that piles up it becomes more work that you could’ve avoided earlier on. That is very vital when your JOURNEY has an endless VISION.


“Our minds know better than we are willing to admit, and we are witness to many more things than we are willing to accept.” African Wisdom

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