Motivation Every Monday Happy 4th Of July


There comes a time in your life when the pain you feel becomes unbearable, when your thoughts begin to consume your body, and when the void within can no longer be filled by material objects or other people. When that time comes and you realize you're seeking something deeper, you have to let go of fear and dare to jump. Jump to places you've never seen before and into situations that you’ve never dealt with before. Dare to let go of the fear that’s trapped you in that cage called your mind. Family, a tree cannot grow if the seed has not been planted and nurtured. Take the time to foster your inner being by returning back to what has cultivated you. Return back to your foundation— your core. Your core could be old memories that once gave you purpose, moments when you felt inspired, places in your life where everything made sense, or even your community where you were once taught discipline. Either way, it’s a beautiful place family, and I don’t want you running away from it. It’s a place in your life where you are not judged but rather strengthened. Where you are not defeated but rather lifted. Returning to and nurturing your core is vital to and for your success because it makes every subsequent move that much more powerful.


So family, if you find yourself at a place in life where things don’t make sense I want you to know it’s okay to return back to base. Do not say to yourself, “well I outgrew that stage in my life". Because let me be quite honest with you, there is no such thing as outgrowing the home you were raised in because that is where your foundation lies. Returning to your home gives you the opportunity to take a step back, acquire knowledge, and flourish as a result. Understand that all you have accomplished thus far has not been done in vain. However, in order for your success to continue, you must keep your foundation intact. You’ve built this foundation years ago and despite how fast your life may be going you must take some time to revisit and maintain what you’ve once built. Utilize your foundation because it’s there for you to find purpose and gain clarity in all that you do. Now look to your left and look to your right, the people that you are “racing” against are not you and you are not them. Focus solely on your purpose and nourishing your core so that when you do finally dare to jump, it’s higher than you ever could’ve imagined


Peace Kin




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