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For so long I was that kid who pushed his assignments to the last minute because I felt as though I worked better under pressure. It's true there were many days when that actually worked and some of my best work came from it. But family let me tell you something and that is procrastination kills character! You may have met your deadline but because it was done at such a fast pace you didn’t have time to properly revise your work. Procrastination kills character because you told your spouse or your kids that you would take them somewhere but you never show up. It kills character because you promised quality but you keep falling short. Character is what defines an individual but when you delay your growth by procrastinating you are only stunting what can be.

​As human beings we often think that we are immortal and will live forever. In actuality family that is not the case. When you procrastinate people stop believing in you because your word is no longer bond. You told your clients, students, parents, and friends that you were going to do something in a respectable time frame but you have delayed the process so much that now “they” can’t count on you. When you procrastinate your work is not as sharp or efficient as it should be and that is because you didn’t take your time to do the research. Moving forward, take the time to gain a sense of connection and understand what you are doing and who you are doing it for.

​Look I want you to drop what you are doing right now and step back! Step back and really ask yourself, do I love what I am doing? Ask yourself,am I doing this just to occupy my time? There’s a saying that goes like this, “it’s not about being busy, it’s about what you are being busy about". Take this into consideration because procrastination derives from a place of dissatisfaction. You don't actually like what you are doing so you keep putting it off. One thing that I have learned about myself is if a project I'm working on is not meaningful I procrastinate and beat around every bush. Learn to work with a sense of urgency by constantly engaging in meaningful work, and in the process actively seek out energy that uplifts. It takes time to break out of this negative habit, but one thing I can tell you is that it is worth it.

​FIND what you love and beat on the craft; that way it will never really feel like work that you put aside to daydream. I’m going to leave you with this…. “Embrace the life that you have, while you craft the life that you want,” and that family is by killing the noise in your head and telling yourself that procrastination is not invited.

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