Police across the nation have been getting a bad rap in the last year or so, surely this will not help the case.

A Texas woman is suing Forney County Police Department after they pulled her over and held her at gunpoint. The Police also mistook her children for being hostages, assuming the whole thing was the result of a robbery.

A woman is seeking $2 million in damages in a lawsuit against the city of Forney and its police chief after officers mistakenly pulled her over for a traffic stop in August.

Police say officers searching for four men on Aug. 9 stopped Kametra Barbour’s vehicle. Her 6-year-old son and two goddaughters were inside of the vehicle at the time.

Authorities say Barbour was briefly handcuffed, but that an officer apologized later to her, saying he and the others were called out to the wrong car.  Her lawsuit alleges negligence, false imprisonment and says her constitutional rights were violated.


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