This is disgusting! Police seized more than 320,000 used condoms, which were going to be resold.

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The condoms were seized by police in Vietnam, according to BBC. The condoms, which were used, were washed and reshaped in order to be resold. They were repackaged and resold to unsuspecting customers. It's not clear how many of the recycled condoms have been sold in the marketplace already.

Video footage captured the operation in a warehouse in Vietnam. Police seized 794 pounds of used condoms. The woman who allegedly owned the warehouse was arrested. According to Vietnam's state broadcaster VTV, the woman was paid 17 cents per kilogram for the condoms. CNN reports that the woman said they were paid,

"monthly input of used condoms from an unknown person"

This makes my skin crawl. You think you're protecting yourself, being safe, using condoms...then it turns out the condoms have already been used. I'm gagging. And who in thee hell is paying for these? I mean it's not a small amount, so it makes me wonder, is a major condom manufacturer behind this? It's just gross and unsanitary all around.

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