Canalside could be getting more restaurants, shopping and parking! Check out the possible plans!

Credit: WGRZ

Amid the current construction at Canalside, the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation is moving forward with a new project, according to WGRZ. THe location is the North Aud Block, where a giant hole is currently. The Explore and More Children's Museum is being finished at the South Aud Block. Buffalo architecture and engineering firm TY Lin International has been hired to create designs to fill the hole. It would be great to have some shops and more restaurant options at Canalside for sure!

"There could be anywhere from 3, 4, 5 building potentially as it it lays out. It's going to come down to working through what streets want to be incorporated that are historic and how to work around that. We just have to figure out, if and how we're going to do parking, what streets are going to go back in how that fits together? What infrastructure is necessary to support those development parcels?"

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