R&B singer Monica, who already is a mom to her boys (Roco, Romelo, and her husband's son Shannon Christopher), is pregnant with her very first daughter.

Said baby girl, Laiyah, will be her first child with husband Shannon Brown -- and to celebrate the upcoming bundle of joy, Monica had a lavish baby shower.

"I know everything about WrestleMania and Tonka Trucks so I’m excited to share shopping dates and manis and pedis with her. But I’m really looking forward to teaching her about life," Monica joked to People. "I want to be an example to her like my mother was to me."

The shower was held on Aug. 24 at the home of Jermaine Durpri with a pink carnival theme, complete with a white pony and 200 guests -- including Ludacris and NeNe and Greg Leakes.

"It was very whimsical, just like a Disney princess movie and just as I had envisioned it. There was so much love in the room and everybody had a great time."

Lovers of '90s hit singles, you may remember Monica as one half of the duo that teamed up with Brandy in 1998 for the song 'The Boy is Mine,' in which two women fight over one sleazy man before realizing that ladies should stick together.

Hopefully she will teach her daughter equally empowering things.

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