What would you do to protect you children who were being bullied? Call the police? Nah thats not a BIG DUMMIES style, meet 33-year-old Nora Silva of Orlando she decided to stab them. She was arrested and charged with aggravated battery on a child after she stabbed two boys in the back with a box cutter on Monday.

She told investigators she did so to protect her children, who were being attacked by a group of more than 15 boys. The victims say it's Norma's sons who were the aggressors. But in a shocking twist, Nora's 63-year-old mother, Esther Silva, told police she was the person who stabbed the kids. Nice try, granny. The scene was caught on surveillance camera and witnesses fingered Nora as the stabber.

This whole story is a mess, just another day in the hood. WFTV in Orlando actually interviews everyone involved, check out all three of these videos if you want to laugh. I hope these idiots don't kill each other.

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