Antonia Folsom, a  mother from Georgia was arrested and is facing charges of deprivation of a minor, after locking her 13 year old son out of the house for missing his curfew. The teen was supposed to be in the house by 9 pm but came home late. Apparently, this wasn't his first time missing curfew and his mother was fed up. She locked the doors and told her other children not to let him in. His 15 year old brother gave him a pillow and a blanket , but he had to sleep outside on the concrete patio.

The next day she went to work and still advised the children not to let him in the house. The teen then called the police and told them what happened. Folsom was arrested, but is now out on bail. The children are now in their grandmother's care.

A friend of the family says the teen has had a couple run ins with the law and Antonia was just trying to discipline him.

Did she do the right thing?

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