Mom Arrested
Antonia Folsom, a  mother from Georgia was arrested and is facing charges of deprivation of a minor, after locking her 13 year old son out of the house for missing his curfew. The teen was supposed to be in the house by 9 pm but came home late...
Man Arrested After Beating Boy Showering With His Daughter
So, Clinton Ward is your average guy. Goes to work, comes home, enjoys time with his family. But on tuesday he was arrested for being an average guy who lost his temper. After coming from work and sitting on his couch, he overheard his 16 year old stepdaughter talking to someone in the bathroom, aft…
school's first integrated prom
Separate White-only and Black-only proms have been a tradition for far too long in Wilcox County, Ga. But finally, the Class of 2013 had the option to party with their friends, regardless of race. Find out how four progressive students changed history!
Georgia Set To Execute Innocent Man?
The State of Georgia is preparing to execute Troy Davis tomorrow (September 21).

Davis, currently 42 years old, was convicted in 1989 of the murder of an off-duty Savannah police officer in a local Burger King parking lot.