The sports world hasn't been really about sports lately, it's been centered around small concentrated issues regarding some of the sport's world's top players. One of those players was Minnesota Viking's Pro Bowl Runningback Adrian Peterson who was arrested last week for child abuse charges. The case initially had Adrian Peterson benched for his game this past weekend but only to be re-instated yesterday.

Peterson's reinstatement brought a lot backlash from the world, one of the biggest voices to disagree with Peterson being added back to the team was Minnesota Governor Mark Clayton and other public officials.

"It is an awful situation," he mentioned in a statement provided to The Associated Press. "Yes, Mr. Peterson is entitled to due process and should be 'innocent until proven guilty.' However, he is a public figure; and his actions, as described, are a public embarrassment to the Vikings organization and the state of Minnesota. Whipping a child to the extent of visible wounds, as has been alleged, should not be tolerated in our state. Therefore, I believe the team should suspend Mr. Peterson, until the accusations of child abuse have been resolved by the criminal justice system. However, I will not turn my back on the Vikings and their fans, as some have suggested. The Vikings belong to Minnesota -- and in Minnesota. This has been the team's only home, and our citizens, including myself, have been its most dedicated fans."

Minnesota Sen. Al Franken also chimed in agreeing saying that Peterson should not be allowed to hit the field for the Vikings and should be suspended.

What are your views? Should Peterson have been suspended?