Wow, talk about perfect timing for this young man!

According to WKBW a Florida middle school student wins science fair during the middle of this coronavirus pandemic. with a bracelet that tracks whether or not you wash your hands.

Before The Covid19 pandemic middle schooler, Varun Singh was looking for ways to get more people to wash their hands it just so happened that all of this started happening around the same time.

The reasoning behind his project was Singh's mother that works in the medical field, where handwashing is critical. From there He learned from her that not washing your hands can pose serious risks.

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It works with RFID Scanners are placed everywhere like on the toilets or a bus you might catch The bracelet automatically scans when someone flushes, and then it scans again when someone washes their hands and records the information into a database.

So much potential in one middle schooler! great future ahead oh him

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