Michelle Obama saying it's good to eat carrots might not get your kids attention, but watching the 1st Lady slam dunk on Lebron James will! Watch & see for yourself!!

Let's Move

The Miami Heat were recently honored by President Obama at the White House. During their vist, Michelle and her Let's Move camera crew interviewed D. Wade about the importance of healthy eating and being active.

But the highlight of the video is what's happening in the background!

Chris Bosh, Lebron James & Michelle Obama totally photo bombed the interview!! #CreativeGenius

Ever since she got into the White House, the 1st lady has been actively fighting against childhood obesity and has coined the campaign "Let's Move". As an honorary President of the Girl Scouts, she encourages us to get involved and Volunteer. And on Sunday, I did just that!


Click here to watch the video of the program I created for the Girl Scouts to have fun & fit. The "Hustle For Health" program runs every Sunday afternoon at the Buffalo service center.