All signs are pointing to this storm that is heading to Western New York is going to be a storm of a generation. Government officials from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and The National Weather Service (NWS) have been issuing alerts asking people to take this storm very seriously.

Things are so serious that a local meteorologist in the 716 has begged schools to close early as the storm barrels down on the Buffalo Area.

During the Daybreak program on Thursday, December 22, 2022, WGRZ-TV Meteorologist Patrick Hammer issued a very clear warning to people about the snow conditions that are going to arrive in Western New York starting Friday, December 22, 2022.

There have been several comparisons that this storm will rival the Blizzard of '77 that seriously impacted Western New York for several days.

While some schools have already announced they are closing as the storm approaches, many have not made any announcements or given any indications that they are going to close.

What Is A Blizzard?

According to the National Weather Service, a blizzard is:

Blowing and/or falling snow with winds of at least 35 mph, reducing visibilities to a quarter of a mile or less for at least three hours. Winds lofting the current snow pack and reducing visibilities without any falling snow is called a ground blizzard.
-National Weather Service

A blizzard storm doesn't need a whole lof of snow, it's really the high wind speeds that cause the storm and that's what makes it so dangerous. White whiteout conditions make traveling nearly impossible.

No matter what kind of storm arrives in Western New York, you can get a full update on the weather inside our Weather Center. You can also get a full list of schools that have announced their closing status here on our School Closings page. School Closings for the area are updated in real-time thanks to our friends at WIVB.

Closings are brought to you by the Law Offices of William Mattar. Hurt in car? Call William Mattar. 444-4444.

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