There is a general negative stigma about people and mental health, and I think it is primarily because of the lack of information that people have about dealing with someone that may have a mental health issue. Mental health awareness kicks off this week and there is a lot of good information that I will share with you in this article that may help you get a better understanding of things like where to go or who to call.

So Let's Talk About Stigma.

Isolation, shame, and embarrassment are some of the biggest challenges people with mental illnesses face. The Stigma- or negative feelings and stereotypes that people with mental health issues deal with makes it difficult and scary for them to seek help. According to WGRZ, there are numbers like the crisis service hotline: 716 834-3131 that you or a loved one can call for help.

How Will I Know If Someone Has A Mental Health Issue?

It can be hard to tell if someone is suffering just by looking at them, but some common signs are people with suicidal thoughts or if someone is dealing with depression and they tend to stay in isolation more than normal. Here in Erie County, there is Spectrum Health and Human Services, at 716 710-5172.

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I think that everyone knows or either has come across someone that may have some mental health issues, I think the more that people are informed, the more people will understand and that will help with some of the negative stereotypes.

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