I love what UB Women's Basketball Head Coach Felisha Legette-Jack said at the start of this year's Season (as seen in the video below).  She said this:

"If you're playing against us, you're just in our way"

Wow...I LOVE THAT ATTITUDE!  I do not know Coach Legette-Jack at all, but I do know organized sports, having played High School and College Sports. and I can tell that Coach LegetteJack is NO JOKE.  I've been to no practice, have never met Coach Legette-Jack personally, and have honestly not read anything about her...the extent of my knowledge regarding her is that she has brought her team to the Women's NCAA Tournament.  However, despite my lack of knowledge about her, I would bet you money that any player on her team would agree with me that she is a No-Nonsense, Hard Nosed, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, In Your Face type of Head Coach, while balancing her aggressiveness with a personality such that each young lady on her team has not only a Mom Figure, but a Trusted and Concerned Friend as well.  I can just tell.

With all that said, Congratulations to the UB Women's B-Ball Team for the 1st EVER NCAA Tournament win in the History of the Women's Basketball Program at the University of Buffalo, along with an apology.  Both are in order for Coach Legette-Jack and the entire UB Women's Basketball Team as well.  An apology you say.  Why an apology?  An apology because none of us here have written much at all about the UB Bulls Women's Basketball Team.  We've primarily dedicated our efforts to writing and talking about the UB Men's Team and the St. Bonaventure Bonnies Men's Basketball Team.  There's an unfortunate Media Bias when it comes to any sport such that Men's Sports are far more celebrated and covered than that of Women's Sports.  So unfair and speaking for myself...I'm guilty of the bias.

Well within this short post, I'm going to try my best to introduce you to Coach Felisha Leggete-Jack and her current UB Women's Basketball Team, headed to the 2nd Round of the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament against the #3 Seeded  Florida State Seminoles.

Meet UB Women's Basketball Coach Felisha Legette-Jack:

...and they say 'PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT' ... Now meet...

The UB Women's Basketball - MAC East Division Champions:

The UB Women's Team is even getting their due Respect from their opponents Pep Band!  The Florida State Seminoles Pep Band is also so impressed with the UB Women's Basketball Team, they changed their wardrobe to honor the team by playing the Bulls Fight Song.


The UB Women meet the Florida State Seminoles tonight at 6:30 PM in the 2nd Round of the NCAA Tournament.


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