It's National Small Business Week, so I am highlighting small businesses here in Buffalo and WNY!  It is my pleasure to introduce you to Good Neighbors Credit Union!


Good Neighbors Credit Union has 2 area locations:

Horsefeathers Building
346 Connecticut St
Buffalo, NY 14213
p: 716-249-2596
f: 716-681-5811
Closed Saturday
Closed Sunday


30 Brunswick Rd.
Depew, NY 14043
p: 716-681-1460
f: 716-681-5811
Closed Sunday

Good Neighbors Credit Union embraces its responsibility to serve a diverse membership – from underserved individuals looking to build a financial foundation to those with stronger means seeking a high-quality, accessible, stress-free banking alternative. We expertly deliver a range of products, services, tools, and resources that empowers our members to manage their finances, and inspires them to leverage their fullest potential. Being a Good Neighbors member means your money stays home, strengthening the community in which you live.

They have the perfect account for kids too!

Star Savers Club
Opening a savings account with your child is one of the most effective ways to teach them about money. At Good Neighbors, any child (0-18 years old) can open a savings account and join our Star Savers Club! The goal of the “Star Savers Club” is for youth to develop money management skills and personal responsibility, all while discovering the benefits of saving!
Once they open an account, your child can make deposits into their very own savings account. They will receive a Star Saver pouch, along with kid-friendly deposit slips for each deposit they make, and a star sticker book. Participants will earn 1 sticker for every deposit they make, regardless of the amount.
Children who accumulate 20 stickers can trade them in for a prize! Any child who hands their stickers in will receive a new sticker book to start collecting again. Your child will also receive quarterly newsletters with fun financial activities and a birthday card each year just for being a Star Saver!

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